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Why We're Here
We are here only to make your project a success, and we can only do it with your help. Scattered through these pages are examples of our successes. These might give you an idea of how your needs can be identified and met by applying our experience. We hope that something in our approach to problem solving and invention will be just what your project needs, and at the right moment.

Why We Think You're in the Right Place!

It's a bit of a leap to find someone "out there" who you can trust to understand what you need and help out. Our clients usually know they are on a path of success based on their own core competencies, and ask us to assist them to fill in the missing links in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

We delight in making the most useful contributions to maximize long-term success. These contributions may draw from virtually any segment of the design, development, or manufacturing arenas. We have long worked effectively in many technologies, disciplines, systems of manufacturing, quality and training. Surprising advantages arise from combining forty years of experience with the latest systems tools in design and manufacturing and quality management, then applying them to fresh problems. Your projects are probably not those ten-year-plans of giant corporations and conglomerates, and this also fits our idea of manageable scale.